The 10th Int'l Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering (CiSE 2018)

January 5-7, 2018 Bangkok, Thailand
Audience Registration Due: Jan. 5, 2018

Dear Colleagues,
Based on your expertise and notable achievements in the field of Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering, we cordially invite you to register our conference through Registration System.
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Related Topics (not limited to)
- Artificial Intelligence
- Biological Computing
- Evolutionary Algorithms
- Evolutionary Programming
- Machine Learning
- Data Mining
- Clustering Algorithms and Applications
- Database Querying and Static Routing Algorithms
- Software Engineering
- Cloud, P2P and Mobile Computing
- Other

Conference Speakers

  • Prof. Kuldeep Kumar, Bond University, AustraliaInvited Speech: Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Models and its Applications from Bankruptcy Prediction, fraud detection to Breast Cancer Detection
  • Prof. Antonio Martín, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
    Invited Speech: How artificial intelligence and human beings collaboration can redefine network management
  • Prof. Manu Pratap Singh, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, India
    Invited Speech: Implementation of Sub optimal Genetic algorithm for pattern recalling from Hopfield neural networks
  • Dr. Jixin Ma, University of Greenwich, UK
    Invited Speech: Temporal Representation and Reasoning in Pattern Recognition
  • Prof. Alexander Gelbukh, Mexican Academy of Sciences, Mexico
    Dr. Velmurugan Thambusamy, PG and Research Department of Computer Science and Applications, D.G.Vaishnav College, India
    Invited Speech: Intelligent Data Analysis
  • Dr. Fernando Brito e Abreu, University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Prof. Yingxu Wang, University of Calgary, Canada
    Invited Speech: Advances in Software Science Underpinned by Computational Intelligence

Yours sincerely,
CiSE Organizing Committee


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