Diversity of Women's Roles in Digital Health Webinar - February 23, 2023

The ISfTeH Nursing and Midwifery Working Group (TWG) and the ISfTeH Working Group on Women (WoW) present a webinar on Diversity of Women's Roles in Digital Health.
The presentations in this webinar will bring a range of topics in digital health from service delivery opportunities to clinical applications to online support for communities.
Helena Blažun Vošner, PhD, will present "Opportunities in health service delivery." She is Associate Professor for health care and professional-research advisor. Her doctorates are in Healthcare and Economics and she is from Slovenia.
Hafidha Benyahia, RN, will present "Nurses embracing patient-centric digital practice." Her master's degree is in Administration. She is a strategy and innnovation management consultant and she is from Switzerland.
Retha De La Harpe, Doctor of Technology, and Chantal Settley, RN and PhD candidate, will present "Engaging stakeholders in online support services." Dr. Harpe is Adjunct Professor, Graduate Centre for Management. Both speakers are from South Africa. 
The webinar will be hosted and moderated by: 
Claudia Bartz, PhD, RN, Chair, ISfTeH Telenursing & Midwifery Working Group
Pirkko Kouri, PhD, RN, Co-Chair, ISfTeH Telenursing & Midwifery Working Group
Join us Thursday February 23, 2023 at 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET

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