The Special Call is now open for Abstracts related to Projects

Call for Project  Abstracts

#eHealth2023, the 28th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth, 

12.-13.10.2023, Venue: Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Tikkurila, Helsinki region 

Your abstract is an introduction of the project in telemedicine, eHealth or digital health, for instance. Novel technological solutions can be presented, too.  

Main theme: Human oriented approach in eHealth and digital services 

The conference has both sessions in English and in Finnish. However, submit your abstract in English. The search for abstracts is closed for scientific presentations. It is now possible to write project summaries and gain visibility for your own project. Abstract call until 6th of August. 

The abstract topics follow the conference themes. 

Session 1

Sustainable Digital Services

Session 2a

Reform of Healthcare, Social welfare and Rescue Services in Finland - year 2024

Session 2b

Etäpalvelut käytännön työssä

Session 3a

Diversity of AI 

Session 3b

Digitaaliset palvelupolut

Session 4a

European Legislation and Regulation

Session 4b

Haavoittuvat ryhmät

Session 5a

Data Security and Protection

Session 5b

Yhtenäinen terveys -OneHealth

Session 6

Co-creation Workshops

Session 7

Future Visions of Digital Health and Welfare

No session 

Other abstracts related to telemedicine and eHealth

The paper poster format is A1 or A0. Abstracts chosen as posters should be prepared by the presenter. At least one of the authors must register as a conference participant and present the abstract in the poster session.   NOTE! Early bird fees are applicable for all accepted abstract authors.
Accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Book.  

Below you will find two links. They have detailed instructions and a template for your abstract which must be submitted using word format (do not use pdf):

The format of the project abstract: DOWNLOAD HERE

Note the new way to submit the abstract. You can submit your abstract via Lyyti form during registration process: CLICK HERE to OPEN LYYTI.

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