FSTeH give two awards for merit and one honorary membership

MEDIA RELEASE 5 October 2020

The Finnish Society of Telemedicine and eHealth (FSTeH) has granted two eHealth awards for merit to MD, ENT Specialist Anne Kallio and PhD Minna Mykkänen. In addition, FSTeH granted honorary membership to MSc (engineering) Seppo Savikurki.

The annual honorary award is given for significant accomplishments in the field of telemedicine and eHealth. The award ceremony takes place during the annual Finnish national conference on telemedicine and eHealth. The conference, celebrating its 25th anniversary, was organised in a virtual online environment due to COVID-19, and the award was delivered for the 17th time.

Anne Kallio was awarded for her life’s work in digital healthcare.

She has played an important role in the development of the Finnish national infrastructure for digital healthcare. Among others, she was project manager when the regional digital services were rolled out in South-Eastern Finland. She played a crucial role in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in the establishment of Kanta Services. She is also a long-term board member of FSTeH.

PhD Minna Mykkänen was awarded for her work in the field of modelling structural healthcare data and the development of the use and reuse of this data.

Well-analysed clinical data allows more efficient use of the data in follow-up, assessment, development and research. The model helps to make national and international cooperation more efficient, collate reference data, promote evidence-based care and support leadership and management.

FSTeH can grant honorary membership to a member or cooperation partner for their special accomplishments in their work for society. Honorary membership is not granted every year. This year, MSc (Engineering) Seppo Savikurki was recognised for his 13 years as a board member of FSTeH. As board member, he was responsible for social and corporate relations.

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