Nordic eHealth & National Conference 2016

Nordic eHealth 2016 & The 21st Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth 14th to 16th April 2016 cruising onboard M/S Marielle on the Baltic sea (Helsinki - Stockholm - Helsinki) “Digitalization and Experimentation Culture”

The conference theme was digitalization and experimentation culture that described quite well ongoing transformation where digitalization is challenging health services. On the other hand it brings new possibilities to evaluate totally new approaches. This year, 2016, we have seen a historical day in Finland, when for the first time medical students´ education on eHealth is organized together with companies in order to get the eHealth education as permanent part of medical students’ education.

This conference was a starting point for the first innovation award for startup companies introduced by society’s subcommittee for enterprises. With this innovation award the society aims to promote new approaches and innovations in the health services.

The conference lectures covered topics from EU’s eHealth strategy, and presented the Nordic case studies on the development of digital services: What kinds of things have actually been done and what can be learnt from them? What has been done in the business world and what kind of new innovations are coming?

Our sincere thanks to all lecturers for their high quality presentations as well as to all exhibitors and demonstrators.

Our special thanks belong to the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and to the Nordic Council of Ministers, whose support brought new dimension to the Nordic collaboration.

See conference program here

See conference book here

You can find also conference lecture materials from FSTeH member area





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