National Conference 2014

The 19th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth “Towards effective eHealth“ will be organized in Tallinn, Estonia, 23rd -24th April 2014

Thank you for participating this event!

Conference covered themes from updating the knowledge about international eHealth trends and the latest advancements in the new health care technologies.

Our themes:

  • Landscape of Complex eHealth
    Comparative Studies from Finland and Estonia
  • eTerveyden innovaatiot
    From 3D Printing to Wearable Technology
  • Hyviä käytänteitä eTerveydessä
    Successful Implementations, Automation and eHealth from the Web
  • Tiedon rajamailla
    Health Information 2020, Games for Health in Rehabilitation

Conference was organized in co-operation with Tallinn University of Technology.

We warmly thank the following institutions and enterprises for their support


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